Monday, September 8, 2008


Kaitlyn learned a new word yesterday. After months of her calling everything with four legs and sometimes two (ex.a peacock) Sadie, she finally said Kensey yesterday. She has never been able to say K's so tackling this name was big for her. I got her to say it a couple weeks ago, but after two tries she was done. Yesterday she kept calling Kensey Sadie and I would correct her. Suddenly she said "Ken-sey". She played around with the word a little bit until she felt it was perfected.

Speaking of Kensey, he is doing really well. Or at least he isn't vomiting and pooping indoors anymore. I'm hoping yesterdays success wasn't just the product of all the shots he got. I still have three meds I'm squirting in his mouth or pills I'm having to put down his throat; I hate forcing pills down a dogs throat.

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