Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Superhero ~ 100th post in 2008!

Kaitlyn has discover she is a superhero. She can take of her socks in the blink of an eye. I've seen her do it, it's amazing. I can put her socks on her 4-5 times a day and like Wonder Woman she can do a little spin and their gone. She is trying to prefect this talent with her shirt too. A couple days ago she was wearing a long sleeve onesie when she took one arm out and trying for the second when I stopped her. She did this about three times throughout the day.

What Kaitlyn doesn't understand is that she's not the only one with superpowers. I have mommy senses; like Spidey senses only stronger. I knew she was about to wear her shirt around her waist and kept catching her and putting it back on. Along with mommy senses I also have the ability to kill with my bare hands anyone who hurts my off spring. I can function on little to no sleep. I can multi task like last night when I was going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and catching up on a novel all at the same time. Not multi tasking means I may have had to wait another day or two on 1 or 2 of those things because said "off spring" demands attention. I have the ability to transform. My lap transforms into the most comfortable place to sit, throw a tantrum, and climb on; all of these happen multiple times a day. Many times they happen back to back in the order given as if someone hit the "loop" button.

Every superhero has their weak point. What's mine? Tantrums for one. Enough tantrums strung throughout the day can momentarily wear down my Mommy Nerves of Steele. Even superheros must know when to walk away or how to put their cryptonite in their room.

Oh man, my mommy sense weren't at their peak because I was typing and now my off spring has lost their pants. Our house is on the cold side, to cold to be missing half your clothes. I know she's only in a onesie because she can be.

Today's socks and slippers

Today's pants

And here's my half naked child in a cold house.

By the way, this is what she slept in not her outfit for today.

In other non superhero related news, today is when head quarters is supposed to FINALLY review Neal's application for a job change. We are supposed to learn the results tomorrow. It's this job change information that is holding us up on moving. Hopefully we will know something soon.

My mommy senses have kicked back in and they are saying forget looks do what you have to in order for her pants to stay on. I just dressed her and left the onesie on; it's snapped on the outside of her pants. Hehehe... Now she really looks like a superhero with underpants on the outside.

Do you think she is warm now? I hope so. Her legs were icy.

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Hilary said...

Too cute!! Kaitlyn you are so silly!