Friday, August 15, 2008


Yesterday was a trail. It started with me getting Kaitlyn ready then running upstairs to finished getting ready myself. I came down to find this...
Pens and highlighters all over the couch and my baby's top untied and around her waist with blue and orange highlighter on her belly. =(
I needed to mail a package and drive an hour to pick up some meds. After a bit of debating I decided to mail the package first. Neal called asking if we wanted to have lunch with him. His plan was to get sandwiches from the commissary and eat them at the park. He kept saying it was a nice day. He was adamant about doing it. I didn't think it was a good idea, but let him make the choice. We went to the park... Neal said the wind wasn't blowing; as if that made it being 61 and me in a tank top better. When the wind blows here it blows crazy hard. You could be trying to walk while one leg beats the other with each step. It's worse around the flight line. Anyway, we walk out to the park and it's windy. I'm grumpy because I'm cold and and my hair keeps flying in my face while I'm trying to eat. Kaitlyn's top was sleeveless too and she was cold. I put a sweatshirt jacket on her and all she wanted to do was play.
Neal flipped out a bit much about me letting Kaitlyn climb up the play equipment and sliding on her own. I watched her and was confident she would stay away from the open climbing areas like where the monkey bars start and so forth.

Kaitlyn loved the biggest slide. She would crawl most of the way from the bottom until she reached the slide.

Once at the top of the slide she would stand up for a moment then finally pick a way to slide down. Many times it was feet first, on her belly.

I know what you're thinking, the day doesn't sound so bad. Well... After getting home from picking up the meds (issues at the clinic) I put Kaitlyn to bed. She didn't want to sleep. Go figure. The child missed one nap and was just in time for #2 and didn't want it. I left her in bed anyway knowing she would eventually fall asleep and wake up much more happy. Just before Neal came home I heard her start making noise. Him and I are chatting just after he walked in the door when I heard a thud. Neal asked what it was. In the calmest voice I told him to go see if Kaitlyn was still in her bed. Of course she wasn't. The crib rail was down (Oops) and my naked - yes, NAKED - child was in Neal's arms screaming when I made it up the stairs. Shortly after I put her down she took off her diaper and dress top. Her diaper was still dry, but her sheets were wet. She spent a good while crying about her fall. I'm wondering if she will think twice before doing it again??? We eventually got her diapered and downstairs. It seemed like no time had passed when Neal starts flipping out. Well, maybe he wasn't "flipping out" as much as forcefully saying "She just dropped her diaper after going poop." He just sat there while Kaitlyn had the diaper still attached around one ankle. I picked her up and he grabbed the diaper. We did one of our now famous bathroom runs were we put our dirty child in the tub for a good scrubbing.

Somehow we made it through the day only to have the dogs bark this morning waking us all up.

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

Love your blog!! The music, the babes, the pooches and the talented you!!! thanks for coming by!!! England is pretty wonderful too I bet!! Jennifer