Friday, August 15, 2008


Wednesday Sadie was given two thumbs up from the vet. She said she is healing nicely. Sadie can now take a bath however she just had one a week ago so I'm going to wait a little longer before she gets another. I sure don't want to dry her skin out. They warned me that Sadie's weight could jump, but so far she has lost weight. *clapping* Wednesday she was down about 2 lbs since all of this started.

Okay here is a tip for all you pet owners... Let me start by saying when I first took Sadie in, the vet we saw chastised me for this and said to stop. However, now knowing the problem the vet who did her surgery said "Great keep doing it." A while back I saw something on TV about how dogs who get dry food tend to not drink enough water. Dogs who get canned food are being more hydrated. Neal and I immediately started putting water in our dogs dry food right before giving it to them. I didn't want it to be soggy, the crunching is good for their teeth, but I did want it wet-ed down. On Wednesday the vet recommended I put Sadie on canned food because of the water intake. She said the extra water can keep the crystals from sticking together forming one big stone. Anyway, she was thrilled at the idea of putting water in their dry food before serving.

By the way, she was switched to C/D dog food and in a month will go on S/D dog food.

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