Saturday, August 9, 2008

Twirl Skort

I never posted a picture of Kaitlyn in her twirl skort I made a couple months ago by Sew Sensible. Here she is Thursday. She did have yellow bows on her pigtails, but this picture was taken post nap. Her shirt says something like "Daddy's Little Girl".
Here's the bonus to it being a skort. She can pick the "yuck" off her feet and not show her panties (or diaper in her case).

I must admit the grass did feel gross. I never remember grass feeling soggy after a rain, but ours did this day. It almost felt like we were walking on slime to take these pictures.

Here's one more picture I'll leave you with. We took this last night.
She found the glasses yesterday that she got from Santa last Christmas. She thought they were so funny, which they are. She was streaking in her diaper hence the lovely drawn on outfit I "made" her.

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Hilary said...

Silly girl! They short is too cute! How is the dog feeling? I hope good! :)