Monday, July 7, 2008

Pillowcase Dress & Boutique Bottoms

I thought I would add my second project from today on here. I made Boutique Bottoms by Sew Sensible to go with a pillowcase dress I made. Both of these are for a baby gift. Kaitlyn was a bad model hence her head being cut out of the picture and it being blurry. It's hard to snap before they do sometimes. =) I made the pants a little different then the pattern calls for. Usually you don't put elastic or the cuff on the bottom; I did so it would match the pillowcase dress. If you look through my blog a little bit you will see maybe five other pairs of Boutique Bottoms, but made with a ruffle and no elastic.


Sara said...

I love that little outfit! So cute. I tried a couple of pillowcase dresses last summer and wasn't happy with how they turned out. But maybe I'll try again with some cute little Boutique Bottoms. Great idea!

Hilary said...

Too cute..what a crazy shower..the no presents part.....:) Hope that you are having a great week