Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Shower

I just got back from the baby shower. I was surprised that even though most of the women in our small church showed up they didn't all bring a gift. I walked in and wasn't sure where to put my gift down because I didn't see other gifts and I was the last to arrive. Halfway through I noticed a small group of gifts mixed in with other things. It was almost like the whole thing was an after thought. I guess to a point it was. It was my first time meeting Tonya (guest of honor) and her two little girls. Her oldest daughter is a month older then Kaitlyn and about three inches taller. She is a big girl. I had completely forgotten that Tonya has a second child until last night. I hated to go to the shower and take nothing for the 19 month old so this morning I whipped up a small purse and stuffed a pillowcase dress in it for her. Thankfully I do have extra of those laying around. As soon as she pulled out the diaper clutch she knew right what it was. Her eyes lit up and she started opening it up and checking it out. Assuming she already had a wipes case I bought a second one anyway. I wanted her to know what it was right off and figured she could always leave it in the car as an "oops, I forgot diapers" back up so the extra case would come in handy.
Here are the modified Boutique Bottoms without my screaming child in them.

They turned out so well I thought about keeping them for Kaitlyn. I really like how they look with a pillowcase dress.

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So Blessed said...

The diaper wristlets turned out lovely. You made that mama's day! Looks like the velcro worked well. I love the fact you discovered it as a changing pad -- woohoo :)K