Thursday, July 10, 2008


I really need to get on the ball. Three evenings ago I bought the ebook by Sew Sensible for the All In One jumper. Don't ask me why since buying the cheap fabric I have been obsessing about getting the ebook for the jumper. Well now I have it, the fabric is washed and cut out yet there it sits.

I know it's random fabric, but Kaitlyn doesn't care. When I finally put it together she will prance through the BX with it on causing everyone to stop and give her plenty of "ooh" and "aah". Thanks Aimee' for making me look good. =)

My second project newly waiting on me to complete is a place mat purse. I wish we had better options on base, but the pickings are few. I really want to try it so this milk chocolate place mat will be my ginnie pig. I forgot to look through their handful of fabric options to see if anything would match or give a nice contrast. I just happened to be buying this brown and gold fabric anyway and thought it would work for the lining.

Project #3 is a cloth shopping bag for my first swap on Have any of you done swaps on Swap Bot? I'm a bit nervous of people swapping junk. Does anyone know of a good group of people who swap handmade items like throw pillows and handbags? Is Swap Bot the way to go for such swaps?

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