Monday, July 7, 2008

Diaper Clutch Again

I forgot to add my favorite part of the diaper clutch. After making it I debated if the flap should have been shorter and was thinking about shortening it next time. My other debate was having enough room for a diaper and wipes, but not a changing mat. Then I saw it. The long flap makes the diaper clutch the perfect size for slipping under the baby.

The yellow fabric is the changing mat I keep in my small diaper bag. Notice the clutch is at least an inch longer. If something were to get onto the clutch you could throw it in the washer on cold and dry it on low.

I can't tell you how tempted I was to make the clutch cutesy. I kept wanting to add ribbons, bows, buttons... Over and over I reminded myself this is for the mom not the baby. Yes it carries baby items, but mom doesn't always have to have a baby-ish diaper bag with her. Actually the girl I made this for finds out today if it's a boy or girl. If she is having a boy it's okay the clutch has pink in it because he doesn't have to carry it.

One other thing about this clutch is I had to put a lining in it. The stripes were visible through the pink. I have a baby shower tomorrow and plan on making another of these today. I'm again using a stripe fabric (different though) and must add some white lining to it.

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