Saturday, June 14, 2008

What Really Happened

When you only see one picture you don't really get the full picture of the event. With Kaitlyn most everything is an event.
Kaitlyn has had corn many times and it was "okay", but recently we gave her corn on the cob and she loved it. Her second go at the corn we gave her the whole cob to munch on. It went something like this...

Mmm... Corn is good.

Don't take my picture!!! *sniff, sniff*

Mmm... We need to have corn more often.

I said not to take my picture!

I'm afraid she has my attitude towards cameras. I don't like them in my face and hate when people feel they must take multiple photos. If we would have stopped with one shot we never would have gotten the two with her crying.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but if you had stopped, you wouldn't have gotten the cute crying ones!

They grow up so fast (my son 14, daughter 12). The pictures are a mother's treasure, even (and especially) the crying ones.

Snap away Jennifer! And as always, thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter. She makes me smile half a world away.

Christina in Palm Springs

Hilary said...

That cracks me daughter was and is the same way about getting her picture taken when she's mad! Have a great week!. Kaitlyn is such a cutie :)