Wednesday, May 28, 2008

17 Months Old

Kaitlyn is reaching the age when you need to stop saying she is "17 months" and start saying almost a year and a half. As I watch my little caterpillar grow it can be sad. Her baby features are leaving as she is taking on more of a toddler look. The big round cheeks of a year ago are now longer and thin.
I thought today was a good day to have fun hair. Kaitlyn did have four pigtails, but I had to take the back one out so she could nap. While changing her diaper she kept turning her head side to side because of the ponytail in the back. I think I should tie a thin pink ribbon on each of her pigtails. Hehehe... Oh just wait until she gets more hair and you will see some crazy stuff.

1 comment:

Hilary said...

Love the pigtails!! They get big tooo fast :)