Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reading Is Fundamental

I find it almost funny that people ask me about Kaitlyn and what she is doing. I've heard complaint about not seeing pictures of her. Hello!!! There are pictures right here on this site! Hello, you can find out tidbits of Kaitlyn right here on this blog while seeing pictures of her. Before you ask someone for personal info maybe you should read their blog! Ron Luce said once that before you ask a person questions you should read their books; they may just cover your question in the book. He said it's disrespectful to make them repeat something they've already made available to you. It's like telling them you don't have time to find the info yourself so you will make them work twice as much. I'm not really mad about this, but I am frustrated. At least if you check out the resources I've given you when we talk next you can asked better questions.

I know for many of you this doesn't apply. Many of my Teen Mania family we only communicate through our blogs. You know who you are, people who ask uneducated questions.

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