Monday, May 26, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake Outfit

I made Kaitlyn a new outfit by Sew Sensible with a Strawberry Shortcake print. She was a big hit at church yesterday. I also made her a big pink bow with a ribbon strawberry in the center.

I also made my cousin's baby a Strawberry Shortcake outfit for his daughter's 1st birthday. She is smaller then Kaitlyn and living in Southeast Texas so I shortened the top and bottoms to make them cooler to wear this summer.

Laci's bow is folded different then Kaitlyn's, but the strawberry is the same. I have a feeling she is going to look like she has ruffles sprouting out her diaper. Hehehe...

I made Laci a dress by CarlaC Dolly Designs out of purple Disney Princess fabric too. I added a ribbon around the waist so the dress could be cinched up to fit Laci's skinny Minnie self better. As you can tell by the tissue paper I snapped the last two pictures just before packaging them up to send off. I don't know if post offices in the US were closed Saturday, but our base post office was. I wouldn't have pushed to get everything done in time if I knew I couldn't mail it until this week; "everything" includes four additional bows then the two pictured.


Hilary said...

Too cute!! You are so talented! Hope everything is going good for you! Enjoy your week :)

Anonymous said...

How darling! You make the sweetest things.