Friday, June 20, 2008

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

It was time for Kaitlyn to get another haircut. Her hair isn't that long so I've been debating whacking it off again. We've enjoyed watching it spill down her back when we wash her hair. However, I've noticed it is really thin and several different layers. After reading this blog today I decided to whack off her hair. I'm wondering how long it will take Neal to notice her hair stops just below her hairline. Hopefully he won't be to disappointed and her hair will grow quickly. If anyone has tips on how to get a toddler to sit still while you try to cut their hair straight I would love to hear them. I gave her a cheese and cracker sandwich, but that didn't help so I handed her a toy which really didn't help either. I finally put her in the tub and got her hair wet hoping I could see were it needed to be trimmed to even it up, but she moved to much. I gave up. I figured I can try again later. I'm just hoping it's not noticeably uneven.

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