Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Kaitlyn has mastered opening our entryway door. Thankfully the front door locks with a key so she can't get out it.

If it weren't for the key lock we would never be able to keep her in the house again. Just wait in a couple months we will move back to the States and Kaitlyn will master the round door knob. I guess my parents getting the front door handle that you must push it down with your thumb was a great idea; it will take her longer to figure it out.

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Hilary said...

Oh No kids!! It sure doesn't take them long to figure out those things! Kaitlyn is such a cutie and getting so big..i love her dress in the picture..did you make that? Very cute! Thankyou too for your kind words on my last post..weight loss/gain is so hard. Man! have a super week and have a Happy 4th next week :)