Tuesday, June 24, 2008

18 Months Old

*Sniff, sniff* My baby is a year and a half old today. She doesn't seem to understand how big she is getting. She is still just under 31" so I think her arms must be growing because she can reach so much more then she used to. Nothing is safe anymore. Our bed is about 3' off the ground and she can climb on it. Once on the bed she will play with stuff on our headboard. Books, clocks, and so forth all have Kaitlyn's grubby fingerprints on them. Someone her in the UK got the bright idea to put on/off switches on plug-ins. I'm not sure what they were really thinking. I now have problems keeping our phone upstairs charged and my clock on the right time because Kaitlyn turns off the switches. She thinks it's a fun game.

Oh, my goodness Balamory is going to drive me nuts. This is the dumbest show ever. Seriously it is one of the shows on Cbeebies I hate the most. I also dislike the show with the car that is always chasing criminals. It's stupid! I'm not a Barney hater because I think Barney can teach kids good things. However one of the ladies on Balamory was just yelling at a cop saying his slowness in sorting through the lost and found is putting her off in getting her book back. I'm think, "hmmm, you left your book somewhere and now you're blaming someone?" Seeing how this is a kids show you would expect something good to come from the lady yelling. Nope! They made the lost and found boxes the cops fault until the end. The lady didn't apologize nor help sort the boxes. Tell me what Kaitlyn is supposed to learn from that?!!! Great now The Shiny Show is starting. I just find this one annoying. At least they do teach some good things on this show.


SewSensible said...

Jennifer, send me your email and I'll send you FAITH. For some reason I am overlooking which email is yours! :)
In Christ,

Sara said...

Your daughter is adorable! When my little girl was 16 months old we shaved her head because she was pulling out her hair (I think I stress her out!) It has grown in quite a bit thicker, actually...
Love your blog!