Sunday, March 2, 2008

Church & Nap Time

Kaitlyn's naps are clashing with church and it's killing us. Today she got up early and was ready for her nap more then an hour early. I put her down in hopes of either her getting up in time or us waking her up before church. In the end we decided to let her sleep. She didn't wake up until 12:30ish. It almost makes me wish we still went to C3 so we could go to the third service at 5 pm.

However, Kaitlyn looked totally cute today in her new top I made with the matching purse. I need to get a picture of her in it.

Kaitlyn is really starting to notice her dolls. Neal caught her pointing out her doll's ear then pointing at her own ear while saying "Eh-a". This evening we went to the BX and looked at the toys. As we were walking through the dolls one of them started talking to us. Kaitlyn HAD to stop and check it out. The doll would coo, cry, say momma and it seemed like it responded to us; however, the response may have been coincidence. We laughed and it made a happy sound.

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