Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Tops

I tried out the patterns I mentioned a few post back. Here's the stripwork top.
The day I finished this one the fabric for her Easter outfit arrived. I really need to order the ribbon so I'll have it in time. Now don't judge the top because of how she looks. She is still in her PJs without a bow in her hair. I'll admit she's looking a bit rough this morning. Around her feet is a purse I made to match her top. This top goes well with a light blue pair of blue jeans she has and a yellow flower clip in her hair.

Last night I was almost finished with the dress top pattern when I ran out of thread. =( I had to call it quits when I was almost done. I still need to put the elastic in and finish top stitching. Being the impatient type I put the top on her and pinned it up.
The booty really isn't this big on the dress nor is Kaitlyn's booty that big. Remember I pinned the dress in the back. There should be elastic there. It's much cuter in real life. When my fabric arrive in the mail I was disappointed to learn the fabric for the pants was out of stock so... Kaitlyn is pants less. I actually had just enough of the top material to make two ruffles I'm going to add to some cheap Walmart pants that are to long for her anyway. If I don't get the ribbon in time this may end up being her Easter outfit.

Maybe this is a little better view. I couldn't keep her still while I snapped pictures. She thought it was funny to walk to me and fall into my lap. Goodness my child is looking homely today.

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