Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Framlingham Castle

This is the back view of Framlingham Castle

Can you call it a castle if there really isn't a castle? Maybe I need a European to explain this one to me. We went to Framlingham castle only to find a wall around a big grassy area with a house snug up to an inner wall. The Bible talks about cities having walls around them for protection which is exactly what this "castle" was. Who determines if something is a castle or a fort? What really makes a castle a castle? I'll give them it is intimidating from the outside. When we tried to follow the outside path we reached a muddy area. I didn't want to walk through the black mud so me and three other ladies went up the very steep embankment and followed the edge of the castle around to the mud free area. I didn't consider how I would get back down. Oh, my goodness that was scary. I would have been pleased if someone above me had thrown a rope to help me down. Unlike the three ladies before me I backed down the embankment. I was just starting to breathe a sigh of relief, with Neal at my side, when I noticed I was only halfway down. The guy with the three ladies (his wife and daughters) had his camera out waiting for me to fall. He kept joking about winning big money when he turns in the video of me falling. He helped ease the tension I must admit. I joked back and forth with him. He might have been more help if he climbed past me and threw a rope down so I could have more support in walking down. He was even informing me which bones I would/could break for falling from the top. When he gave me an update of possible broken bones at the halfway point I asked him what show he was sending his video into. I told him my hope was to do a graceful fall that did the most damage to my bruised my ego. These are inside the castle walls.

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