Friday, July 13, 2012

Disappearing Nine Patch

Friends and family, I'm looking for any of you who might want to do a Disappearing Nine Patch (DNP) swap.  Did I just lose some people?  What was the key word, swap or Disappearing Nine Patch?  Oh, come on back.  The first time I made a DNP was for a VERY last minute swap.  I believe the swapper dropped out a day or two before the squares were due.  The host apologized on her blog about everyone not getting the extra set of squares.  I immediately contacted her saying I would take the slot.  I grabbed some fabric I had on hand and quickly made the required amount of Nine Patch squares then turned them into the DNP squares.  I had them off in the mail the next day.  The swap host received mine before most of the other swappers.

And here you go, this is a Nine Patch.  It's nine 5" squares all sewn together into a big 14" square.  Now I need to make it disappear.  Bippity-boppity-boo...

Wahlah!  I made the Nine Patch disappear.  Now I have four DNP squares.
Are these colors making you say, "Oh my!"?  All, but the green fabric was used to make Kaitlyn Joy outfits over the years.  The darker pink and gray fabrics she wore on her first day of K3.  The light pink fabric was her Easter dress when she was two and in a body cast.  Mind you I didn't chop up her clothes, these were scraps.  The green was from a Christmas stocking I made last year.  Once these squares are mixed with blues, browns, reds and yellows, it won't matter how bright they are.

This is the lap quilt I made from my last minute DNP swap.

Do you want to try your hand at making some squares?  You will need to make 9 Nine Patch squares and cut them into fourths making 36 DNP squares.  The Nine Patch squares are made using 5" squares, sewn together with 1/4" seams; it ends up right at a 14" square.  Once cut into fourths you end up with four 7" squares.  The squares need to either be mailed to me or given to mom or I; they need to arrive before October 1st.  During the first week of October mom and I will split them up equally and get your set back to you.  So...  Any takers?

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