Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jog-a-thon 2012

It's been a while since I've updated so I'm going to do it mostly in pictures.  Because I ran with Kaitlyn Joy in the jog-a-thon, I didn't take pictures of her jogging, but she did 11 laps in 30 minutes.  They said it's 7 laps to a mile, but I'm not feeling it.  It looks like a small track to me.
 Here she is getting her punch ribbon pinned on.  As each child finishes a loop someone hole punches the paper ribbon on their back.
 Where's Waldo?  This was someones bright idea.  I wasn't a fan and neither were the kids.  I've heard people defend taking a ton of photos, but after seeing kids at the zoo get their photo taken EVERYWHERE I had to question, when do they get to enjoy being at the zoo?  Everything was about a photo op.  In this photo the kids had just finished running and were supposed to be given a Popsicle, but they had to wait until whomever felt they were standing just so and enough pictures were taken.  I felt bad for them.
 Mrs Chapa, I'm trying to take a photo could you stop getting in front of the camera?! =)
 STILL waiting on their Popsicles.  What really made me feel bad was some of the kids struggled on to finish their last lap.  As Kj and I ran by I told the kids Popsicles were waiting for them so they should hurry up to get them; they took off running.  Hurry and wait.
I know this is a random photo to most, but it's a big deal to her.  That slide is on the big kids playground.  The preschoolers have their own playground and normally never set foot on this one.  However, now she's done with the preschool one.  ((sigh))  Believe it or not that was a hard one for me.  On her last day of school I told her to enjoy her last playtime on the playground because she would never go back to it.

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