Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Houston Zoo

Last month Kaitlyn Joy and I went to the Houston Zoo with my mom and Riley.  Because we had to get back to pick up my cousin's twins from school, we practically ran through the zoo.  We never did get to see the monkeys or bears, but the animals we saw were cool.  If you haven't been to the Houston Zoo in a couple years you should go back and check it out.  They've done a lot there and it looks great.  Some of the animals have moved, like the giraffes and it at least appeared they have more of others like lions.  This trip was the first time I've seen the lions awake which was cool.  We watched one of the females walk across their grassy area and flop down in the middle. 

Here's some photos of our day; I know they aren't zoo inspiring because I wasn't taking pictures of animals, but I'm good with that.  With Kj I have to take what I can get because she won't always pose twice.

 We had to get our grub on before hitting the zoo so Burger King came to our rescue.
 He threw his head down, not wanting to look at the camera, so I quickly put my phone under his face.
 My Groundhog
 There was a sign above the turtle that asked where you get your water.  The turtle was getting his by eating the cactus.

 Heaven forbid they look at the same time.  It didn't help that mom was standing to my left calling their names.

 Like I said above, she won't always pose twice so I have to take what I can get.
 She still talks about this giraffe as though it was real.  I have to remind her it was a statue.
This was the closest we could get to Riley looking at the camera.

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