Monday, March 19, 2012

Clown Day 2012

Kaitlyn Joy had the pleasure of having two Clown Days this year.  I glanced at the handwritten sheet and noted that Clown Day was on the 6th.  I dressed her up, ratted her hair, slapped some make-up on her and off she went.
I volunteer in the library on Tuesdays so I walked her into the school.  Normally, parents are supposed to drive up and their child is taken out of the car; we don't take them to the classroom.  I spoke with staff all the way to the library including the school administrator, but NO ONE mentioned it wasn't Clown Day.  It was the preschool teachers stopping me in the preschool hallway with smirks on their faces as her teacher informed me today wasn't Clown Day.  Lovely.  I washed her face, pushed down her legwarmers and took the bows out of her hair.

Here she is on the REAL Clown Day with a couple of her school friends.  They were waiting on the clown show to begin.  And yes, her hair is purple.  I figured she had to look better than Tuesday.  Although I liked her hairstyle better on Tuesday.

I snapped this photo while she was walking passed during the "parade".


Wittschen's said...

This is SUPER cute!! looks like a lot of fun. And I think it's hilarious you sent her like that when it wasn't clown day. Sounds like something I would do. She looked darling though both days!

Debora Owen said...

Prettiest little clown I have ever seen. She is adorable. Looks like her mama.