Sunday, December 18, 2011

School Birthday Party

Ahhhhh....  This week has been busy.  On Thursday I went to the school with cookies for Kaitlyn Joy's birthday.  Her party was the third of the week; donuts and cupcakes had been done so we had cookies.  I thought about taking fruit and would have if I had seen a fruit tray at Walmart the evening before.  On a side note anything we take has to be store bought.  I'm not supposed to prep any of it.  I'm going to put all the photos I took below.  There's really nothing to them other then the kids eating their treats on Cinderella plates while drinking their juice boxes.  Parties at school are held over their snack time which is from 9-9:15.  It's less of a party and more of a special snack time.  I did find it comical that some of the kids used their Cinderella napkin as a place mat.  One of the boys wanted a different plate; one more boy-ish. =)

 In this photo I just want to point out the lovely angels in the background; I cut those out. =)  I'm on the Parents Auxiliary and we do a lot of random projects for the teachers.  My hand was aching after this one.  I cut out about 64 angels.  Had I known they were going to fold the sides around into a tube I wouldn't have worked so hard to make it just like the demo and double cut between the wings and "skirt".

For those who are counting, two kids were absent and one child in these photos was expelled later in the day.

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