Saturday, November 19, 2011

You Won!

While talking on the phone with Neal tonight we told him all about Sea World.  Kaitlyn Joy didn't care to see any of the shows.  She actually fought to not see the first one.  She wanted to go on a ride.  I told her we would do it after the show.  Shortly after it began she LOUDLY declared she had to go to the bathroom.  With a red face and tears streaming down she persisted.  I knew what she was doing so I told her if we leave she wouldn't be getting the ride.  She kept on.  It was AWFUL!  We finally left for a bathroom.  Ugh!!!  She finally got over herself. 
She would have been completely content to feed the dolphins and pet the sting rays all day.  I didn't want to buy the fish to feed the dolphins, but somehow she conned someone into giving her one.  You should have seen her running back and forth trying to get a dolphin to come up.  She finally got her chance and petted a dolphin.  They tell you to dangle the fish, pet he dolphin, than throw the fish into it's mouth.

Right after getting on the phone with Neal I told him there was a wet t-shirt contest and I won.  Yes, mom I said the same to you.  Neal complained that he wasn't there for it.  Suddenly, Kj asked if she won too.  I said no, but hesitated at how to finish that.  I mumbled about her not wearing a white shirt.  She ran her hands over her chest and down her belly while commenting on her wet shirt and again asking if she won the wet t-shirt contest.  I said, "Yes, you won.  You were amazing."  =)

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