Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Not?

  Sometimes you shouldn't ask why.  Today Kaitlyn Joy and I were at Toys R Us looking for a birthday gift.  In Kj's book we couldn't buy just anything; we HAD to buy something Cars AND something Spiderman.  Now how do you get something with both of those themes?  We did it and I'm sure by 11am tomorrow when Kj is getting off the playground Landon will know exactly what he is getting. 

Anyway, while walking down some of the isles I spotted one of the new little Lalaloopsy dolls; three actually.  Hold on, stop the train!  Those are REALLY hot right now. 

I threw this little girl in the cart and headed for a price checker.  Isn't she cute?  Her name is Squirt Lil' Top.  Websites are selling out of these shortly after posting them.  I found a price checker and just like I thought... she's $19.99.  Right now the bigger girls are on sale for $19.99 at Toys R Us.  I put her back.  Why did I want her?  Sometimes you shouldn't ask why.  Let's say "just because" or "why not?"

Today while out shopping with Kj I would see different things like a purse or necklace and think, "perhaps I should buy that for myself for Christmas."  Hey, why not?!  Miss thing isn't going to buy it for me.  If it was up to Kj Neal would be getting some Batman toy that has ramps and cars.  I do believe she uses him as an excuse to get boy toys.  Perhaps on our next trip I'll pick myself up a new camera, they have gotten better since we bought ours.  I would really like it to take the picture faster so there's less chance for it to be blurry.  Or perhaps I'll get that embroidery machine I was supposed to get for my anniversary gift.  Hehehe...  Now the question is should I wrap them and put them under the tree?  Do I act surprised when I open them?  LOL...  Coming back to the real world, I think embroidery machines are fun, but they cost to much to not use them on everything.  I doubt I would ever feel like I got my money out of it.  Not to mention the cost of all the thread that I would have to fight myself to buy.  Yeah, I'm cheap.  As for the camera, that is something I'm keeping my eye on for Black Friday sales, but I'll wait if I don't find one.  It's not that big of a deal.  Eventually...  Oh,what was that DS game I had my eye on yesterday?  I need to figure out what ad I was looking at and which game would look amazing under my tree.  Hehehe...

Alright this keeps pausing making typing painfully slow.  You might have heard more randomness about our day if it would be working right.

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