Monday, July 25, 2011

Swimming Lessons - Check!

We've had a month of swimming lessons and if I'm honest I have to say I'm glad they are behind us.  Kaitlyn Joy really enjoyed them; it was me who wanted the break.  Ugh... the first two weeks I had to sit in the 100+ heat at 5pm.  Thankfully the last two weeks were at the cool 8am.  Session one had ten kids and one constant lifeguard with three rotating lifeguards.  I hated it. I felt like we weren't getting what we paid for.  Kj didn't have must time with a lifeguard.  Session two though had her spending a LOT of time with the lifeguard.  On the first day no one else showed up and every day afterwards there were only 2-3 kids in the class.

This is how she rolls; mouth under and eyes above water.

She mastered floating on her back!

Kicking with the crew.  This seemed to be her favorite thing to do.

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Hilary said...

How fun :) Look at her go ;)