Friday, July 29, 2011

Nap Please!

Last night was really long and has left me tired.  First off I went to bed late.  Now, going to bed late isn't the end of the world or it shouldn't be.  However, Maggie was barking to the tune of "I want to die!  I want to die" last night.  Okay I really think she was saying "I want to snuggle", but all that was lost in the delivery.  I guess Sadie had enough of the barking because she was saying "I'm out of here!"  This time there was no misunderstanding the delivery because she delivered herself into my room twice.  Ugh!  Twice I had to go put her back in the pen.  Not cool.  Now I just want a nap.  I bet I would have to do it with a dog on my chest.
Maggie has a quirk that she doesn't want to go potty before eating.  I don't want her going in my house so I make her go out to potty while I get her food.  She again sang "I want to die" while I went for her food.  It's not that I want to beat her, but screaming is tempting.  If I don't put her back out right after she eats she will leave "prizes" on the carpet for me.  Lovely.

Nap... NAP!  I NEED a nap ASAP.

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