Friday, July 8, 2011


Maggie...  Goodness that dog blends right into our family.  Actually Sadie and I seem to be the only two normal ones in the house.  If you remember back in November I talked about speaking crazy.  Well, welcome our new crazy, Maggie, into the house.  She twitches and makes noises in her sleep.  Crazy dog!  A couple nights ago Kaitlyn Joy was screaming when she should have been sleeping.  Neal started to run check on her, but I stopped him and said she sounded like she was asleep.  He caved and went to her.  She was sitting up in bed yelling all while sleeping.  I wasn't surprised.
By the way, Maggie already has Neal wrapped around her curly tail.  She spends as much time as possibly in his lap and he doesn't seem to mind.  She's sleeping there right now actually.  I might have a problem come Sunday when he flies out of here for over six months.  Just watch, I'll have to carry her everywhere.  I have given Kj a bath with Maggie in my lap. 

As for my other two crazies, here's there night...

That's all folks!

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