Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Again - Home Again...

...Jiggity Jig.  Neal came home on Sunday after spending three weeks doing pre-deployment training.  Because of different training going on he has been gone four of the last six weeks.  When I picked him up on Sunday I had a little "Oh my" moment when I realized I would be back there in two weeks to drop him back off for his six month deployment.  Honestly I think it's a shame they couldn't roll the two training missions and the deployment all together.  At least that way we would only say bye once.  On Saturday morning Kj ran into my room to Neal's side of the bed and asked, "Where's Daddy?"  I'm not sure why she thought he was coming a day early.  Perhaps she mixed up him coming with Nana and Papa?

Last week we had a couple visitors.  Mom and Dad were out of town so we watched their dogs.  It made life interesting.  Oh, perhaps I should start with two weeks ago yesterday we adopted a Maltese we named Maggie.  A day and a half after getting her I headed to my parents place to pick up their two dogs.  I just knew Kensey would eat Maggie.  I was quite surprised when all the dogs easily meshed together.  I've spent a lot of time saying, "Kaitlyn Joy, put Maggie down (don't pick her up, leave her alone)!"  And probably equal amounts of time saying, "Kensey, be nice (stop growling, get away)!"  I can't tell you how many times I heard, "Kensey's not being nice!" while he's growling.  To a point I think his aggression to Kj played in Maggie's favor.  Kj would go to pick Maggie up or do some other shenanigan with her and Kensey would run up and show his teeth.  On Saturday Mom and Dad came for their two.  I've lost my buffer of a growling dog to protect Maggie, so I have to keep an even closer eye on her and Kj.

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