Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kaitlyn Joy

Please pray for Kaitlyn Joy.  The last three months have been emotionally challenging for her.  First she knew something was going on, but wasn't sure what, now she's more in the loop then most everyone else around; it's a lot for a four year old to handle.  She knew I was doing injections for the last few months and would get upset if she was around when I did them.  The day of my egg retrieval she was there.  She came into the room with me while I had the gown on and waited for them to take me back.  It was to much for her; she started crying, wanting me to get off the bed, didn't want to leave and on it went.  She knew we were pregnant before we told the masses.  She wants a girl by the way.  Anyway, the picture is bigger and her knowledge greater then the picture I'm painting; I just choose not to go into all the details now.  Anyway, all of this maybe pregnant, still pregnant, possible loss of pregnancy is taking it's toll.  No she doesn't know the off and on again, but she feels it.  It keeps her on the brink of tears.  Neal went TDY this week and Kj cried after he kissed her and left.  She just watched a show I recorded and thought Dora was coming on next.  I told her I didn't record Dora.  She had a complete meltdown.

So please pray for peace for her.  For a little person she carries a big burden.

Also, we ask you do not call asking about the baby nor the pregnancy.  This goes for EVERYONE and BOTH of us.  Do not feel YOU are the exception to the rule.  This isn't about you NOR YOUR NEED TO KNOW.  When we are ready to talk about it we will call you AND BRING IT UP.  If we call and don't mention it then you need to do likewise.

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