Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dead Dog & The Cross

Today while at church they pulled all the kids together for some worship time.  They've been skipping this so for Kaitlyn Joy this was a new experience in Children's Church.  At some point they asked the kids ranging from PreK to 5th grade what they did for spring break.  Ever the talkative one Kj piped up and said her dog died this week.  Ummm... Sadie's still very much alive.  The people were really feeling sorry for her as she kept pouring out this sad story about her poor dog.  Stinker!  After church we stayed for a newcomers get to know you time.  We had lunch and the pastors and some of the staff talked with us.  The lady over the children came to us and told us Kj shared with them about her dog dying.  *sigh*  She told us how Kj went on and on giving them details of the whole thing.  I let her know our dog is alive, but her teacher's dog passed a couple weeks ago.  Because Kj made such a bid deal out of it the lady was surprised it wasn't our dog.  Anyway, the little stinker is a great story teller.

Speaking of stories.  I don't believe the church gives themselves enough credit on how much of an impact they have on the PreK kids.  It helps that Kj's school has been talking about the very same thing.  She has been telling me over and over how Jesus died on the cross for our sins.  Me, "Kj what's sin?"  Kj, "the naughty things we do."  Then he was put in the tomb and rose again on the third day.  Me, "What does it mean he rose?"  Kj, "I don't know."  Me, "It means he came back to life."  I've tried comparing Jesus coming back to life to Daddy Billy dying.  I know that may be a bit morbid to go that route, but I want her to grasp the death part then unlike Daddy Billy, Jesus came back to life just like she's alive.  She's hilarious by the way.  She sees a cross in everything.  She will even eat a cross into her apple then show it to me while announcing Jesus died on a cross.  When we see a cross on churches she says the same.  Oh, today her new spin on Jesus dying on the cross was talking about him having big nails driven in his hands and it hurt really bad.

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