Sunday, September 26, 2010

Owl Shirt & Hair Bow

I made Kaitlyn Joy an owl shirt this weekend. In the picture above she has a low temp only because I gave her Tylenol. She smiles through the fever anyway! If you blow it up you might see her fever spots.Back to the shirt and bow... I got the owl from the DIY Dish's new project. The legs are only attached at the top. In the first picture you can see Kaitlyn Joy is holding one of the feet.
I REALLY shrunk the pattern down and made a little owl for her hair. I skipped using the pattern legs because they would have been crazy small with a fray issue and opted for braided ribbon.
I made a big bow without a center knot so I could clip the owl onto it.
I was surprised how much Kaitlyn Joy loved the owl shirt.

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Hilary said...

The shirt is precious Jennifer!! OMG is it wrong that I want one and I know if Lanta saw it she waould want one too. Are you going to sell them? The bow is just too cute too...your talent is amazing girl :) If you are going to sell them I want to buy one for Lanta and heck I want you to make me one too I heart owls :)