Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Step Back...

I've decided to save my sanity by going back to Pull Ups at night; thankfully when we stopped using them we had almost a full package. She's been doing so well. She would have an accident maybe once every other week. Then suddenly (((BAM))) we are in desperate need of another crib sheet or two. I now throw down a fleece baby blanket then put a crib sheet or full size sheet (sideways letting half hang off the bed) after she wets her mattress cover and sheet. It's sad really... It's been happening so often I have to get inventive with "mattress covers".

I know she can't help wetting the bed. I wish she could so there would be a better chance of us doing something to stop it. I don't believe we have changed anything. I still watch what she drinks late at night. When up really late before I go to bed I take her to the bathroom. It doesn't seem to matter what I do she still wets the bed.

The last three days have been wonderful. Monday she woke up dry and I did a little victory cheer. Tuesday her Pull Up was wet; I still did a victory cheer because this time I didn't have to change her bedding. Today she woke up dry. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a repeat of today.

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