Saturday, April 17, 2010

Raining, Raining, Raining & The Never Ending Story

My in-laws have been here all week and as has the rain. I think they must have brought it down with them because it hasn't been raining this much before their arrival. The big problem is they wanted to do some outdoor activities like going to Sea World, but the weather wasn't in agreement. Yesterday, instead of Sea World, we went ice skating and to Chucke Cheese. Kaitlyn has been begging for several months to do both of these. This morning she saw a Chucke Cheese commercial and yelled "we went there!" It was fun. We threw several basketballs, killed aliens, whacked some frogs and played the ticket getting games like wheel of fortune. We finished our exploration by going to base and having Neal tell never ending stories about what/where everything was and his job. For those who don't know him well or at all, when he starts talking he hardly takes a breath. He doesn't have a conversation with you; rather he gives a speech. It reminds me of my youth pastor saying once that a conversation is like a game of ping pong. You say something to the other person (hit the ball) then wait on them to reply (hit the ball back). Neal grabs the ball and holds it. =) I was trying to read while he did this, but goodness it was so distracting. While talking on our base tour then on the 30 minutes home I finally said something. PING PONG, BOY, PING PONG!!! His mom wasn't any help; she kept asking questions. Finally I said, "stop asking him about work. Let's talk about something different." Yes I know when they talk on the phone the main thing he says over and over is "yeah", but spare the rest of us. He put Kaitlyn Joy to sleep with his never ending story. Next time she has a hard time sleeping I'm going to have Neal talk to her about work. =) Hehehe...

Wow, I was just noticing two weeks from today we will be heading to Disney World. Hopefully the May flowers will be springing up from all these April showers.

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