Friday, April 9, 2010

Go Ahead & Laugh

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. If that's not enough then chuckle at other people's mishaps. Are you ready for a chuckle? Yesterday while driving home I was talking with my mom. I was really distracted and not holding up my end of the conversation. As I pull onto my street of cookie cutter houses the only one story on the street had a cop car out front. I was thinking how odd that was and hoping everyone was okay while telling my mom about it. Minus all the Halloween fun the teenagers had that included the cops coming out 2-3 times, we live on a pretty cop free street. As I pondered this I finished driving up to the house while talking with mom. I hit the garage door button and nothing happened. A couple cars were behind me so I pulled into the driveway. It's steep so I rather not pull in until the garage door is open so I don't have to stop. And then I saw it! My neighbors who always have a rather weedy yard had planted a tree and it looked to be right on both of our property lines. What in the world? Actually I think I said something just like that to my yard. In a split second different things hit me like now we don't have to worry about planting a tree, I wonder why they planted it in the middle and for heaven's sake why would they plant a tree when they can't even weed-eat their yard? And almost as soon as those thoughts hit me I realized I was two houses passed my own. Mine would be the one with the still opening garage door. =) I let the cars behind me pass then "casually" back out and went to my own house. Of course I was hoping the whole time that none of my neighbors saw me do it. Hehehe... I've been wanting to put window planters on my two windows over the garage. They would help make our house stand out enough to hopefully not pull up to our neighbors house again. =D Don't get me wrong that's not my motivation for doing it. We all live in boxes with windows and ours is as pale of a box as we could possibly get. It could really use some flowers spilling down the front.

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hehehe!!! :)ooppps!