Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some of Kaitlyn's Likes/Loves

Many times when it comes to the things Kaitlyn likes they are actually pretty simple. I will go online to Fisher Price games and print off different alphabet pages for her. I bought a few random craft items that she uses to embellish the letter pages. She loves gluing stuff on. So all those little things down the "craft" isle at Walmart like puff balls, pipe cleaners, popcicle sticks, feathers, ect... she loves.

Kaitlyn is really into letters right now. Our world has really changed with this new discovery of hers. She looks around at all the signs and declairs, "Mommy I see a/an (insert letter)". While walking into Target last week she was rattling off all the letters on the sign. She got her love for letters while watching Super Why and Word World.

She has shown interest in things like Mr Potatoe Head, My Little Pony, Fisher Price Snap n' Style dolls. She loves Dora, but NEVER plays with any of her stuff while looking at toys. She rarely watches Elmo anymore, but is stuck on his microwave. She still enjoys her Little People castle, house, and farm. Especially with the castle and house, she seems to like setting up living environments.

On a totally different subject, Kaitlyn is growing like a weed right now. What's the deal? We have gone for a long time having a steady increase in height then suddenly she jumps 2". Okay it wasn't completely sudden; she did it over a three month span. When you put pants on her and they are looking a bit short... Because of this, very soon Kaitlyn is going to become one of the most stylish kids in her Moppets class. I'm going to turn all her great fitting jeans that are starting to look a bit short, into ribbon jeans. Meaning I will add length to them by adding loops of ribbon to the bottom. Another thing I might do is add ruffles. I guess it's a good thing we are in Texas. Soon I will be able to crop the bottoms off and she can wear them as capris. What do you do with a child who is just moving into 3t that is growing out of the length? I wonder how different 4t are??? BTW, it's not all 3t pants, just jeans. And they aren't crazy short yet, but starting to look a bit... like high waters. When I measured Kaitlyn this summer she was 36 1/4" I believe and she's now 38".

I'll have to come on here later and show you the comatose Sadie laying in her new dog bed. She's to funny. Last night Neal laid her in the dog bed and she didn't move for the rest of the night. She acts like it's not hers and she isn't supposed to be on it. I think it's because she is used to having a small bed she must teeter on. This time she is fully lounging on a huge pillow.

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