Monday, November 30, 2009

Be a Good Example

By the time I ever make it around to my blog I usually don't feel like posting. I wish I could verbally blog. I would be "writing" some long blogs in the mornings and especially on drives. A random note from this morning... Kaitlyn and I were on our way to MOPS when she yawned. After doing so she said, "my mouth is tired." LOL... I thought surely I heard her wrong so I asked if that is what she said. She told me no. Heaven forbid I know she's tired. Moments later she yawned again. I asked if her mouth was still tired and she laughed.

So here's some of my thoughts from this morning. I've actually been thinking about this for a while, but this morning I was writing a post in my head about it. What you ask? How much kids pick up and adults brush off. To be more specific, every time we have flown home for Christmas or other times of the year (when living in England) we always hear, multiple times, how Kaitlyn doing something we don't approve of won't effect her long term. Usually the excuses go on how she won't remember. Well guess what ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, family and friends... She DOES remember. I will supply you with one example, but know this isn't the only thing she has picked up quickly... On January 19, 2009 Kaitlyn had hip reconstruction surgery. She was stuck on her back in a hospital bed. The next day I tried giving her some tummy time, but just like when she was 3-4 months old she HATED it. You would have thought I was torturing her. Fed up and wanting her to be happier I said, "do you want me to hold you?" She quickly took me up on it. Off and on throughout the day I would lay her back down and go to the bathroom or get something. As soon as I would walk into the room or sit down, she would start crying, if she stopped from me putting her down that is. I again would ask, "do you want me to hold you?" By either the night of the 20th or the morning of the 21st she was saying "hold you!!!!" to be picked up. To this day, ten months later, she still says "hold you". We have told her multiple times it's "hold me", but she rarely gets it right and usually only when reminded. So rebellious adults who don't want to follow our wishes and use lame excuses, Kaitlyn is watching you. If she comes up with bad habits... we will give you the credit (aka blame). So PLEASE, be a good example.

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Hilary said...

She's a smart one :)