Thursday, August 6, 2009

Closing Day

We are signing the papers on our house in a couple hours. I'm glad this day is finally here. We've waited a long time for this.

Kaitlyn keeps asking to go home. When she says home she means Nana and Papa's house. Since being back in San Antonio a couple times a day at least Kaitlyn will say she is ready to go home. Once I told her we were almost back to the hotel and she cried saying, "No, Nana and Papa's house!" This morning I told her we were going to go sign the papers so we could get our house tomorrow. She smiled and said "Nana and Papa's house!" Sigh... "No, Mommy, Daddy, and Kaitlyn's house." Maybe I've messed her up staying with my parents for so long. She really misses being there.

I can't get Twitter to work this morning. I want to know how the Stansel babies are doing. Last night they posted saying they are stable, but in critical condition.

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Hilary said...

Yeah!! Congrats!! :)