Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Laci's Party

Friday night we were at my parents house giving Kaitlyn some much needed Nana and Papa time. On Saturday we went to Laci's 2nd birthday party. Kaitlyn and Laci are the only two great-grand kids on my dad's side. They were born five months apart. The two girls are drastically different in size. Laci is a little petite girl who will one day be a petite woman while Kaitlyn is going to be a sky scraper. LOL... Okay there are women over 6', I know that, but she will be tall none the less hitting around 5'10 1/2". The girls have never sit still long enough when around each other to have their picture taken together. We couldn't get them both looking at the same time, but here's some attempts.
Notice Laci is closer to the camera, but Kaitlyn still looks a lot bigger.
Attempt one at getting the girls together. I knew Laci would cry if I held her so I gave her to her Nana. I thought Kaitlyn might cry, but goodness. She wasn't having anything to do with Aunt D.
Attempt two... Whatever! At least Aunt D and I are smiling.
Ahhh... toys... the wonderful thing that draws all children.
This is as good as it gets. When we saw the girls playing with the same toy we grabbed our cameras and started snapping photos.
For parents with kids who are about to be in or could possibly be put in a Rhino Cruiser Brace Kaitlyn is wearing one in the photos. She has on dark purple capris (pants are mandatory under the brace) so anything you see that isn't dark purple is the brace. The white in the front of the last photo is the foam and Velcro that wraps around the front of the brace. The dark blue in the second to last photo is the flexible plastic that makes the brace hold it's shape. What you're not seeing is the Velcro "belt" with a foam piece on the belly holding the brace up and on.

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Hilary said...

Aww she's wearing the dress you made too..Laci is a little thing! Hope she had a Happy Birthday..kids and cameras. Noone ever smiles when you want a picture. Turkeys! :)