Tuesday, June 16, 2009

House Update

I just realized I never updated on our house offer... at least I don't think I did. Our offer was accepted. Being a foreclosure there was more to the process then normal. Even though our offer was accepted they were still accepting offers. We don't know if anyone else put a bid in, but they could have. We signed or initialed the papers they sent back then we waited. They said we would know in 24-48 hours if the house was ours; meaning they couldn't accept someones offer over ours. It actually took them a full week, plus a few hours to get back to us. I think if would be charged $50 a day for being late they should be too. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. We are now in our seven day option period. What's a bit bogus on our seven days is it started Friday, but they didn't de-winterize it until yesterday. So how can they start the countdown and not have the house ready for us?!!!!!!!!!!! We have an inspector coming today as we well as a termite inspector.

On to house colors... I'm now debating dark brown shutters with a dark red door. If I put stacked terracotta pots, spilling with greenery and flowers on either side of the garage the orange terracotta will really pop with the brown and red. The house would look something like this.

A couple things about this picture... This is a google image which was taken in a moving car. If you notice some of the lines, like the left side of the roof, aren't straight. The roof isn't really like that it's just the messed up picture. Also, the house doesn't currently have shutters. I drew those on in Paint and colored them brown. One last thing is the picture was taken on a bright day really washing everything out. The house is pale though.

Besides the stacked terracotta pots on either side of the driveway I would like to add a small tree to the front yard and some kind of plants between the garage and walkway.

Alright, I've been searching google images and I can't find a good example of the stacked terracotta pots I'm talking about. I was looking in a magazine recently that showed two normal pots stacked. They filled a large terracotta pot with potting soil, slipped a 5/8" piece of rebar down the middle, then threaded the bottom of a second small pot onto the rebar. You press the second pot down then lift it up and add more potting soil to the bottom pot as needed. You then fill the second pot with potting soil. Now that your pots are ready you add different flowers to the two pots. Make sure some are trailing plants so they will cascade down the side of the pots. The result in the magazine was awesome and it looked totally do able. I was on one website a few days ago that showed someone stacking 3-4 pots. Although it may look neat my only concern is the higher you go the more unstable it can be. Here's a set of instructions I just found for something along the same line. Only I wasn't proposing tipping the pots. I haven't read the instructions through, but I was thinking this would be more stable if the rebar goes down in the ground.

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