Tuesday, May 5, 2009

House Hunting

Yesterday was long. Mom, Kaitlyn and I went to San Antonio to look at houses. We are getting a VA loan so our choices are really limited. We looked through as many houses as the realtor felt were in a "good" neighborhood and within our price range. My goodness some of those were NASTY houses. The foundations of maybe half of them has shifted or cracked leaving cracks all over the houses.

See the crack at the top of the wall? There's at least a 1/2" gap. Yikes!

Besides cracked houses with raggidy carpet we saw tiny rooms, washer and dryers in closets, odd layouts, and really little closets. Oh, let's not forget the one didn't have a place for a table. They called it an eat in kitchen, but the table was against the window and just out of reach of the fridge door. On the other side was sliding doors hiding the washer and dryer.

Here's a "walk-in" closet at the house I liked the best. What were they thinking putting two bars across from each other in this closet? How's a person supposed to really look through their clothes? Do you put the seasonal clothes in the front and rotate? I think the top bar should be raised and a second bar put underneath for pants then a third bar put along the back wall for longer items.

The last house we saw was in a great neighborhood with a pool just down the street. However the backyard was almost nonexistent and the master bedroom was so small our waterbed would have to be placed in the corner.


Hilary said...

Happy Mother's day!! Hope it's a great day :)

Paula said...

I lived in SA for six years when my husband was in AF...1986-1993...I loved it!