Monday, April 13, 2009

Stair Climber

Not even a body cast will keep Kaitlyn from climbing the stairs just for the fun of it. I took these videos last weekend at Piney Shores, a Silverleaf Resort.

Kaitlyn loves her pizza. On Sunday night I bought some pizza and we took it back to the condo. She crawled up into a chair at the table ready for her food. Before she ever got up in the chair I was telling her to wait because I wanted to move the table so we could watch TV. I believe we were watching What A Girl Wants for anyone curious. After moving the table she flipped out. I snapped a picture before moving her chair.

What she is really saying here is (in a gruff voice), "GIVE ME PIZZA!!!" Waaa-waaa.

Seconds later with the pizza in front of her.

The End


Wittschen's said...

I love the last pic!! Hilarious! I can't believe she can climb stairs! way to go Kaitlyn!

Hilary said... are very mobile even with your cast!! Can't wait to see how you move without it!! The last picture is tooooo funny!!! :)