Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Here's what Kaitlyn woke up to...
The shopping cart is to help her walk.

As you can see she knew just how to use the cart.

I made her a Boutique Easter Basket for her egg collection.
What little you can see of it, this is the Simple Sunday Dress

I didn't want her knowing the toy she was playing with had candy in it. When she asks what's in the egg on the biking bunny I tell her it's colorful balls. She knew right away what it was. She pretends to eat a piece at which time I admit it's candy. After I stopped filming she said Jelly Bean really clear.

For all spica cast parents of little girls. The Simple Sunday Dress fits perfectly over her cast. I actually made two of these dresses. The first was in a size 3/4 which is what she has been wearing since having her cast on; it was to big in the bodice. I made her a second dress in 1/2 and it fits great. The only portion of the pattern this it's made to be more fitted is the shoulders and they aren't covered by the cast.


Wittschen's said...

you are very good at sewing!! I love the dress! And its so good to see Kaitlyn walking behind the cart!! At least you have a girl in a cast...much easier to dress!!

Hilary said...

LOVE the basket and the dress!! so precious!! If we lived closer I would make well ask you to make me are so TALENTED! I know I tell you that all the time but I really mean is all so great!! God has really given you a gift :) kaitlyn is a lucky girl!! Glad you guys had a special Easter too. Have a super week :)
Hil :)