Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flowers And Purse Swap

For my birthday Neal sent me roses. They are really pretty. It's only been in the last couple days that I have noticed one dropping off and a second one today. =( I was hoping he was flying home for my birthday, but these are a nice substitute.
Here's my swap purse. I sent it off on Monday. After much debating I decided to go green. The lining is yellow with slight print (white and black dots). I debated sewing all the visible thread yellow (top and strap), but in the end I went with green. I know it's plain. I was actually going for plain. The notebook is covered with the same fabric as the lining. I've never covered a notebook before. It came out rough... I wonder if it's supposed to??? The long pouch with the flower/sun button isn't stuffed in the picture. Before I sent it I put a Snickers in there because they're really satisfying. LOL... I just had to say the last bit. Anyway, I made it to fit a candy bar so it can be hidden in the purse from the kids. You never know when a chocolate emergency may come up. I also made it long enough for girly items just in case she isn't into chocolate. If she isn't into candy bars and doesn't use tampons then I guess she can find her own use for it.
On the inside I added a pocket and magnetic closer. The simple mushroom on the pocket is for my recipient, not for show. I read something once from a woman who sews clothes for her children and nieces. She said she likes to put a little something extra hidden on the garment for the child alone. When I read the recipients story of how people were judging her on her outside appearance, relationships, and so forth I felt she needed something inside the purse. This is her little reminder (as simple as it is) that there's more to her then just her outside appearance. People can try to label her all they want. She isn't formed by their labels. She isn't the label. She is a special person with more to offer then their opinion.


Hilary said...

Beautiful roses and as always anything you make is cute!!

Wittschen's said...

do yo make all of Kaitlyn's clothes? I love the bandana skirt!! That is just the cutest! Very Talented!!