Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Birthday

Yesterday I turned thirty-(runs hand over mouth making last number garbled). Mom, Kaitlyn and I went to the Mall so I could get my haircut. We were going to have a mani/pedi first, but we left to late for it. It turned out to be a very wet day so perhaps it's a good idea we didn't do it. When I get a pedicure I like to wear sandals away from the place so as not to smug them. Rain and open toe shoes don't mix.
While my hair was being cut mom and Kaitlyn went down to the play area. Kaitlyn played until she was completely worn out. I met them there then we headed off for the food court. A little Bourbon chicken does the body good. Hehehe... I bought Kaitlyn a cheese burger from Wendy's which she only ate the top bun of. After eating we rode the carousel.

First Kaitlyn and I rode. She was on the zebra and me a horse.
Here she is hanging on tight to her zebra.
Then mom and Kaitlyn rode the carousel. Kaitlyn rode on Fred the frog. Her zebra didn't have a name. =)
We ended our evening at Olive Garden with my dad and brother. They opened a new restaurant since I've been here. I'm thinking it's best to go to the old ones until this one gets some experience under their belt. We had bad, slow service. The waitress took 20 minutes or more to bring us our salad and bread sticks after our order was taken. She poured water down the back of my arm. Thank goodness it wasn't my back. Our food took a century. It was probably and hour after we gave our order that we finally got it. The was good. My dad had to wait around for a while to get and pay the bill. When he finally did pay it, the waitress brought back the wrong receipt, twice our price, with my dad's card number on it. So she charged us for another customer's bill. Personally... I would have left her a two dollar tip max and would have paid a little visit to the manager. After eating we all came back to my parents house for cake and ice cream, then we watched Twilight.


Wittschen's said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had an exciting adventure at Olive Garden! I'm not sure I would have even left $2! :) But, I hope that you had a good birthday other than that!

Dane is so sick...I think his surgery will be postponed. I am so ready to just get all this behind us, but I guess God has other plans for us on Monday!

Hilary said...

Jennifer Happy Birthday!!! Your hair looks great!!! Sounds like your day started out pretty good..could have been better with the mani/pett darn rain!!! Then the dinner excitement..never a dull moment right!! WOW! Hope your day was great..:)