Thursday, March 12, 2009


I will not be posting Katrina comments left on my Galveston Island post. I do not for a minute downplay the trauma that occurred to the gulf coast in that storm and right after. I know it was bad. While we were in Galveston we were talking about how bad the island looked 5.5 months after and wondered how New Orleans currently looks; knowing it must still be bad too. It seems if a storm wasn't as bad as Katrina or the devastation wasn't thought to be as sever as New Orleans then it's really not worth talking about. How selfish are we? If this is a contest then shut up New Orleans at least you didn't have a tidal wave wipe out your town sucking you out to sea. You thought all the flooding was bad? At least you had warning to get out of the city. All those poor people gone forever by the tsunami that didn't have any forewarning. If it's a contest... they win. I was going to post a picture of the tsunami or it's destruction, but honestly they are to awful to show. A picked through a lot of dead body photos before I gave up my search. I can't post those here. Let's just say the US cannot compare.
By the way, my parents live 90+ miles from Galveston. If you look around their house and land you can see small signs a storm went through here. Thankfully they live on a hill so flooding wasn't an issue, but there was some leaking. It seems their biggest issue was being without power for a couple weeks so they used a lot of candles causing the house to turn black. Mom has since repainted.

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