Thursday, March 12, 2009

Accidental Tricycle

Mom and dad bought a trike as a gift for my cousin's baby. She's five months younger then Kaitlyn. Dad really thought Laci needed this BIG trike. The problem is Laci is small. She is so small she looks like she is under a year old. Dad busted the box open and immediately started putting the big trike together. Of course Kaitlyn thought it was hers. When he was done with it him and mom went somewhere. While they were gone Kaitlyn rode the thing all over the house. After talking with mom a bit on what to do about the trike which is even to big for Kaitlyn to reach the pedals on, we decided to buy a smaller riding toy for Laci.
The tricycle has become a new set of legs for Kaitlyn. She goes all over the house even in places I didn't think the thing could fit. Sometimes we even have problems getting her to eat because she doesn't want to get off it. I was very tempted to take it to her doctor's appointment today so she could have more mobility; we left it at home.

So the tricycle that wasn't supposed to be has turned out to be a really good thing.


MistySkye said...

That is so awsome. Look how cute she is.

Hilary said...

Cute!!! Love her cherry dress too!! :)