Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Making-this-up-as-I-go-along-quilt" part 2

Because of many diversities like mom only have a size 16 ball point needle for her sewing machine and one bobbin which was full of white thread, my "quilt" has been put off. Just a reminder I say "quilt" because I'm actually going to make a bath mat out of it. Neal is always getting water all over the floor after his shower. He says our bathroom rug is for catching all his water... my mistake, I thought that is why I supply him with towels. I know that isn't why I bought the rug thought. I wanted something that would look nice and keep us from slipping when we get out of the shower. I would rather anyone using my shower to completely dry their body, wipe one foot then put it out of the tub/shower, then wipe the other foot and bring it out of the shower. Now how nice is it to step out on a dry rug? Oh, it's great isn't it! It's even better when you are wearing socks and walk into the bathroom in the morning and DON'T get your socks wet. Oh to the day...

Anyway, my quilt top... Now that Kaitlyn is done with her surgery and moving on to the ornery stage of recover (or is that terrible twos?) I've decided to move on with the quilt. I bought and washed the fabric before her surgery.

This week I ironed and cut it into 3" squares. I was going to try 2.5" squares, but I lost my nerve and went for 3".

I drew a line across all my squares and sewed 1/4" on both sides of it. I was actually doing this step again today because I needed more then twice as many as I currently have done.

Here's all my squares pressed and laid out. I still need to sew them all together.

And for a bit of randomness... Here's Kaitlyn last night laying in her bed.

She had to sleep with her Little People prince and the wand. I kept picturing her waking up with it under her back. Thankfully that didn't happen.

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