Monday, February 9, 2009

The Children's Museum of Houston

Saturday I met a friend of mine, Julie, from Fertilichat at The Children's Museum of Houston. The kids had a lot of fun. I want to take Kaitlyn back when she is out of the cast. She was very limited on what she could do. I kept seeing things I thought she would really love to do if she only could. Instead I had to do a lot of lifting to get her where she could see to drop a ball, splash in water, look at baby chicks and so forth. On March 14th they are opening two new sections at the museum so it will be much bigger then. Maybe sometime this summer, if she is walking by then, we can go back and let her play.
The telephone man at the museum. I didn't see him until we were about to walk out of the room.
Here's Kaitlyn and Juliette (Julie's youngest) checking each other out while we waited on Julie.
Jenevieve got a kick out of her sister "milking" a cow.
Kaitlyn would have loved to be under the cow too, but she had to settle for sitting on mommy's knee while holding onto the cow. By the way, Kaitlyn's new thing is, "A cow says meow, meow". It doesn't matter how many time I tell her a cat says "meow" and a cow says "moo" she still says it her way.
And here we all are (minus Julies husband who is taking the picture). From left to right we have Kaitlyn, me, Jillian (standing up), Juliette, Julie, and Jenevieve. Notice Kaitlyn and Jenevieve have the same look on their face. They were tuckered out.
The picture in the previous post with Kaitlyn playing with different balls was shot at the Children's Museum too. I would have taken a lot more if she were able to do more or Neal were with me to snap some pictures.

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